The Soapy Holy Grail


Well, here it is – The Holy Grail of soapmakers. Not much to look at, is it?

It’s a Commercial Quick Cutter, also known as “The Tank” – a soap cutter that cuts a whole loaf of cold process soap at once. No more uneven soap slices. No more sore hands from cutting soap, slice by slice.

And it can be had on the For Crafts Sake web site for the low, low sum of . . . how much? $267.95??  Plus tax, plus shipping. Ouch!

So guess who is saving for one of these bad boys??? It’s someone we both know. Someone who stinks at cutting soap evenly.  Someone who once had a customer say, “My mom said she loves your soap but she noticed her second bar didn’t seem as big as the first bar she bought from you.”

I’ll give you a hint who is saving for one of these – her name starts with . . . Linda Mays.

If I am not able to get one sooner, I’ll at least be able to use part of next year’s tax refund check to get The Tank. There are cutters out there that are a bit cheaper but this one is rated the highest and is supposed to do the best job. I’d hate to spend $150 on a cheaper cutter and find out it didn’t work very well. So I figured I’d better aim for one that is proven to work well. At least I’ll be able to deduct it at tax time since it is a business expense.

It’s kind of a strange thing to get excited about, isn’t it? The younger me would have laughed a little and felt sorry for someone who had such a pathetic life that they could get excited about a boring thing like a soap cutter. But the older me actually has a life that’s far from boring. The older me has a purposely quiet but exceedingly busy life. The older me is actually busier now, and happier now, than I have ever been in my entire life.

But mostly the older me has sore hands.

I type all day at my day-job, then I go home and make soap, cut soap, wrap soap, tie bows, etc. So a soap cutter like this would solve two problems at once – it would save some wear and tear on my hands, as well as help me cut in a straight line.

So, yes, it shouldn’t be long now until I can get my sore hands on one of these soap cutters. Not long at all. After all, I’ve already saved up $4.57


**Update – April 10, 2013 – I now have one of these soap cutters and it’s great! I just love it :-)



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