What’s the Big Deal About Handmade Soap?


I make luxury, gourmet soap. It costs $6 per bar. Too much money for one bar of soap? Definitely not.

Why? Because there is a big difference between fresh, handmade, gourmet soap and the soap you find on store shelves. And I’m not just referring to the fact that store-bought soap is usually loaded with preservatives. Handmade soap is loaded with luxurious ingredients, it’s gentler for your skin, smells great and just feels better on your skin. Those with sensitive skin are especially big fans. People who use handmade soap LOVE it! In fact, we’re hooked on it!

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But what if you are the kind of person who could care less about what kind of soap is sitting in your shower? It was on sale, you say? It’s the kind you’ve always used? It’s the kind your mom always bought for you when you were a kid?

Then I guess it’s possible you might be one of the few people who are not able to appreciate the finer qualities of handmade soap. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Hey, we can’t all be connoisseurs of everything. Someone has to buy all those cans of Spam at the store, right?

I guess I can understand why some people buy whichever soap is the cheapest, because that’s the way I am with wine. I’m not a big wine drinker so I can’t tell the difference in cheap wine and high-quality wine. I know there is a HUGE difference between good wine and bad wine, it’s just that those differences are lost on me since I don’t care that much for wine to begin with. So why spend more money when I’m perfectly happy with the low-end stuff on the rare occasions that I drink wine.

But chocolate. Now THAT is a whole different story. I can most definitely tell the differences in low-quality, bargain-store brands of chocolate and real, top-quality gourmet chocolate. I can appreciate each delicious bite of excellent chocolate, and I’ll pass up the cheap stuff every time and gladly save my pennies until I can buy Scharffen Berger, Godiva, or one of the other wonderful dark chocolates out there.

I can also tell a big difference in milk. Yes, milk. I’m a milkaholic and I can even tell the difference in milk that’s been stored in a plastic jug and milk that’s been stored in a carton. The milk in a carton tastes better. The old-fashioned milk that came in a glass bottle tasted even better.

But even if you have never given a moment of thought as to what soap you’re using, maybe you should try handmade soap at least once. Maybe there is still hope for you, you lover of cheap soap ;-) Because you are probably a connoisseur of some things already, although you may not realize it.

Are you crazy about high-end shoes, lotions, handbags, coffee or hair products because you can tell a big difference in them and their generic counterparts? Then you’ll love handmade soap. Men can be choosy that way too. Does your boyfriend, father, husband or brother have a taste for gourmet beer instead of the cheap stuff? Or does he favor a certain brand of tools or athletic shoes? That’s because he can tell a big difference between the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff. Go ahead, buy him a bar of my manly-man soap and see if he comments on it.

Handmade soap is a whole different animal than most store-bought brands. And for most people, that’s worth paying a little more for. We handmade soap lovers even appreciate the various fragrances, colors, shapes and textures found in handmade soaps. You just can’t go back to using store-bought soap after having used handmade.

Now, I’m not saying that fireworks will go off and angels will sing and you will be transformed into a living, breathing God or Goddess when you first try a bar of my handmade cold process soap. But once you start using your first bar and it starts shrinking down and you realize you are getting close to the end of the bar, you’ll see what I mean. You won’t want to pick up that half-used bar of Dove, Ivory, Dial, Irish Spring or whatever you were using before.

No, you will not want to go back to your old soap because you will have become . . . . . . ONE OF US! . . . . . . Mwaaahahahahaaha!

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